[thelist] thanks and easy questions

Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Wed Sep 13 12:01:22 CDT 2000

> I know there is a trick for making an indented
> list with the heading flush left and the equivalent of 
> a <br> between the heading and the first indented list 
> item. Everything I am trying (<blockquote>, <ul>) leads 
> to a full line space instead. 

hi martha

you may hear some css suggestions, feel free to try them -- you will learn 
lots, it is time well spent -- but the following works quite adequately in 
all browsers that i've tested --

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <tr><th align=left>heading</th></tr>
       <li>buckle my shoe</ul></td></tr>

i'm *not* suggesting css is the wrong way to go here, but you did seem to 
hint that you wouldn't mind using a "trick"

with css you would set the margin and/or padding attributes of the heading 
and/or unordered list tags, maybe to zero, maybe to -5, maybe something 
else -- remember, css margins and padding do not work in all browsers, and 
do not work the same way in all browsers, so you should be prepared to 
play around for a long time to get this working the way you want, and also 
be willing to accept that it doesn't work in some browsers, certainly not 
in non-css browsers, but also not if javascript is turned off and you're 
using an external style sheet...

me, personally, i don't bother with any of it, i mean, i just code the 
header and the ul and let the browser display it the way it wants, using 
the default margin or border -- a full line space, as you pointed out -- 
but if it's really necessary, i will use the table trick above

p.s. thanks for the kind words about thelist

and thanks for the easy questions, those are the ones i personally like 
answering, as they match my skill level so nicely   ;o)


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