[thelist] Tables vs Layers

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Thu Sep 14 20:26:06 CDT 2000

> > For what i have seen, ther are no big sites that use
> > layers, most of them go tables.
> 	my old site uses layers (http://www.dnr.qld.gov.au) and it has about
> 30K pages

Quick glance and I saw tables. Also, the page layout you have going on there
is extremely simple. In that case, you wouldn't need much formatting to
create that page in the first place. Therefore, I don't think it fully
supports your argument.

> 	I hate designing with tables - I'm having a seriously hard time on
> the contract I'm on at the moment because the company that created our
> publishing package knew nothing about design and have designed the site
> utilising tables (and poorly designed ones at that), I'm not
> looking forward
> to having to come back here next financial year (when they've got money to
> pay me again) and converting the tables to useable layers to fit with
> HTML4.01 strict.

Hmmmm... I don't see how design has anything to do with tables. And,
poorly-coded tables are undoubtably just as much a problem as poorly-coded
layers. I think the two key points to consider are control and

- amanda

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