[thelist] tip: funny things and error messages

apatrick at oracular.com apatrick at oracular.com
Fri Sep 15 10:27:25 CDT 2000

Peter Van Dijck <||peter at vardus.com||> wrote:
when working on a deadline project, don't put in funny error messages and
stuff, because you won't have time to take them all out..

<||extreme bad case||>
For one of our clients, someone put a debug message in a contract processing 
program that appeared for every line (100 or so) in the contract and forgot to 
take it out when the program went live.  One could sit and listen to the contract 
administrators swear at their computers for 5 minutes because they had to click 
[OK] 100 times for every contract they submitted.  It was funny and sad at the 
same time.
<||/extreme bad case||>

<||tip type="learning from other's mistakes"||>
Use debug messages liberally to find out what's happening on the inside of your 
code, but comment them out immediately when you're done with them.  That 
way, you won't forget where they are.

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