[thelist] tip: funny things and error messages

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Sep 15 10:42:49 CDT 2000

> <||tip type="learning from other's mistakes"||>
> Use debug messages liberally to find out what's happening on 
> the inside of your 
> code, but comment them out immediately when you're done with 
> them.  That 
> way, you won't forget where they are.
> <||/tip||> 

btw, if you want your tip to get picked up by the tip extractor, don't get
fancy with the markup....

the built in ftp server that comes with IIS stinks. Pay the registration fee
for FTPServ-U. Its much, much nicer

(your Friday Freebie is coming, hold yer horses)


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