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Daniel J. Cody djc at oracular.com
Sat Sep 16 22:20:33 CDT 2000

McCreath_David wrote:

> > I(and I know i speak for jeff on this one) think lasso is crap. Just my
> > little opinionated opinion, but just wanted to point out the fact. If
> > anyone wants a more in-depth explanation of why(i'm sure we've all had
> > enough of my long assed emails this week :), shout and i'll share.
> Heh. Feeling spunky, Dan? Sure, share.
> As a regular user of the software, I have my own reasons, too. But I'd be
> curious to hear yours. Have you had personal experience with it? Do you
> think it's crap in comparison to other available products? Or just all on
> its own?

Well rather than re-spew whats already been said about it by me and
jeff(on the MJ list), read this blatant plug by the companies CEO:

Then read my rather light reply:

Then watch as jeff goes in for the kill, technically disecting the
product and its shortcomings(to say the least) bit by bit:

God webmonkey's archive *still* blows, almost two years later.

> BTW, this is in NO WAY a challenge. I'm just curious. And I wasn't
> attempting to put Lasso on equal footing with CF and ASP, nor was I
> advocating for it. I was just pointing out that it's middleware.

I totally understand, point ack'd ;)

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