[thelist] .lasso

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Sep 17 01:08:15 CDT 2000

> Well rather than re-spew whats already been said about it by me and


All excellent points. And some of the very stuff that bugs me about Lasso.
As for its usability on Windows, the seven or so months that I spent on the
Lasso list were enough to make me happy that I wasn't trying it that way.
It's pretty okay on a Mac for the purposes I outlined earlier. Wouldn't
wanna do anything sensitive or secure on it, but it's okay for my district
news archive. :)

> God webmonkey's archive *still* blows, almost two years later.

Yeah -- those posts are all dated June 28, 2000...that's not right is it?

> > BTW, this is in NO WAY a challenge
> I totally understand, point ack'd ;)

Man, I love this list. Just have to say that once in a while.

Thanks for the info. I always like the reasoned response to bad marketing


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