[thelist] servers (was .lasso)

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Sat Sep 16 23:38:30 CDT 2000

>  > What did you do to upset Bill? :-)
>I don't know! He won't return my calls, he won't return my email...I even
>made a pretty rainbow-spectrum poster of him the last time I knew the Apple
>rep was coming to visit! ;p

oh wow.  can I get a copy of that?

>  > >I think it sounds like they (UP) have had some turnover in the IT
>  > >department and the new folks know NT and don't know Mac.

David, you're psychic.  Yes I think there was turnover.  I think that 
the person who formerly held my position built a camp in his office 
barricaded with Macs and his Mac server.  The IT dept refuses to 
service it.

As for me...  server?  duh.

I agree the site is too slow.  It is also true that the IT people 
seem to be tuned pretty much an 'all Microsoft' channel.  In one of 
my interviews I had to explain why I _didn't_ want to build with 

I wish I wish I knew Unix, because I actually heard someone say I 
could have use 'any server' I want.  I'm worried about NT, about 
security.  All pages on this University site will go through my 
office.  They want the designs to follow a template-like structure. 
Server Includes would really be helpful here.  Can anything like this 
be done on NT?

Since you all are already talking about the servers, I may as well 
start asking my questions.  I think it would be best to make an 
informed decision BEFORE moving the site.


erika at seastorm.com

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