[thelist] servers (was .lasso)

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Sep 17 01:21:40 CDT 2000

> >I don't know! He won't return my calls, he won't return my email...I even
> >made a pretty rainbow-spectrum poster of him the last time I knew the
> >rep was coming to visit! ;p
> oh wow.  can I get a copy of that?

Heh. If I'll try to get a picture of it.

> David, you're psychic.  Yes I think there was turnover.  I think that
> the person who formerly held my position built a camp in his office
> barricaded with Macs and his Mac server.  The IT dept refuses to
> service it.

Just the voice of experience. This is my second time working for a
company/organization that had an Apple evangelist in a key IT position who
left in the lurch and was replaced by Mac-hostile Unix and/or Windows

> I wish I wish I knew Unix, because I actually heard someone say I
> could have use 'any server' I want.  I'm worried about NT, about
> security.  All pages on this University site will go through my
> office.  They want the designs to follow a template-like structure.
> Server Includes would really be helpful here.  Can anything like this
> be done on NT?

There are plenty of people who can lock down an NT server and plenty of
people who spend their time trying to punch holes in Apache or Netscape or
AOL or whatever. The security of your system depends largely on the skill of
your systems folks and on your programming practices.

There are lots of choices for dynamic sites on NT, the two biggies being ASP
and ColdFusion. There are many, many people using both of those on thelist.
They might be able to help with a comparison; I've never learned CF, just
looked at it.

I would say make your decision based on 1) how much support you can count on
from the IT folks and 2) how much programming you want to learn.

Good luck!


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