[thelist] servers (was .lasso)

Joel Morris joelm at citycent.com
Sun Sep 17 09:33:15 CDT 2000

Yes, you can most definitely do SSIs on NT with IIS 4.0 or 5.0 and ASP. My
recollection is that you can also set up IIS (the web server) to correctly
parse .shtml files for includes, too, but haven't used that.

As for security, there are holes in all systems - I would think it's the
responsibility of your IT folks to deal with that issue.

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> Erika Meyer
> Subject: [thelist] servers (was .lasso)
> uh oh.  I should mention I just remembered one other thing: part of
> the site is _already_ hosted on NT with a brand-new Cold Fusion back
> end.
> So I guess, knowing that, I'd already sort of accepted that NT was
> how it was going to be.
> So that leaves me with:
> 1. security issues?
> and
> 2. server includes?

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