[thelist] CGI/message board woes

Virginia Blalock virginia at visionsnet.com
Sun Sep 17 11:15:37 CDT 2000

Been reading the list for a while and this is my first post to the list(and 
of course I am asking for help<g>)

I am doing a site for a guy who wants a specific type of message board and 
features. Basically he wants something like these:



He wants the look of WWWboard(the board listed above looks to be some 
version of WWWboard) with the ability to put an icon next to your name and 
have it show up in your post. The regular version of WWWboard doesn't have 
this capability but it looks like you add it.

1. Does anyone know of a hack already around(for WWWboard or a similar 
looking message board) that has this feature(adding the icon)?

2. If there isn't one readily available, about how long in general might it 
take to add this functionality to WWWboard or similar BBS software?

The guy is willing to pay extra to have the icon functionality added but 
not knowing how long it would take I am not sure what quote to give him(I 
would probably farm this out to someone else).

He also wants multiple forums, but that's another story :)

Hopefully this question is understandable.  I would give a tip, but I don't 
think there is one I could give that you folks don't already know<g>. 
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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