[thelist] Site Test

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Mon Sep 25 20:58:46 CDT 2000

At 09:18 PM 9/25/00, Tony Bounds wrote:

>Hmmm...I'm using nested tables.

Tony, that is the understatement of the day.  There ain't no need for the 
mess you have there.  I'm afraid that the "ELDRITCH HORROR" is your 
code.  Please... build the page from scratch, make the table as simple as 
possible, leave out the strange tags, validate your code, validate your 
CSS, and I'll bet you won't need to wonder what is wrong... everything will 
be okay.

I'm actually thinking about rebuilding the page myself as a challenge, but 
I've got prior commitments...

Good luck to ya... remember, simple is often better.


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