[thelist] Re:cross-domain cookies in Netscape

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Tue Sep 26 11:38:50 CDT 2000

Hi Steven,

Cookies are not my area of expertise, so someone may be able to correct me
on this,  but I think that the "domain" attribute can't be set to an
external domain, for security reasons.

Rather, it is set to specify which computers in a domain have access to that
cookie.  For example, if you want shopping.mydomain.com to be the only
server that "sees" the cookie, then the "domain" attribute can be set



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> -----Original Message-----

> >Based upon the above, just change:
> >$domain = ".townvalues.com";
> >to
> >$domain = "townvalues.com";
> Thanks for the help. You'd think that making this change would solve the
> problem. I've found, however, that setting the $domain variable to
> "townvalues.com" (no preceding ".") results in Netscape being
> unable to set the
> cookie at all, from either domain.

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