[thelist] Problematic Client

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Tue Sep 26 15:33:17 CDT 2000

Louise Butler wrote:
> One of the clients I've been contracting too has presented a difficult
> problem. I've created several different composites and mock ups of a new UI
> for a webbased application. However, they've veto'd everything I come up
> with.
> I feel like they have a very specific idea of what they want, and they just
> aren't clueing me into it.
> They've also unintentionally withheld (just didn't think to give it to me)
> alot of documentation on the app (which would have REALLY helped in the
> first two weeks of my work, when I was still struggling to make sense of the
> whole shebang.
> Is it time to let this client go?

Have you told (albeit filtered for niceties) them the above? IMHO, If not, do so and
then gauge your decision on their reaction and most importantly any change in their

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