[thelist] Doing a 'freebie'

Jenn Coker me at wt.net
Wed Sep 27 22:26:40 CDT 2000

if you *can* indeed do it and have the time you might say,
"sure, i'll give you a start... long as you remember me when it's time to
expand functionality/redesign" (and have a handy lil agreement to that
effect around) - if you do that, include that you'll be worked in as a
consultant if necessary (this let's them pay you a token, gets them out of
having to rely completely on you and hey... that's what dotcomming is all
about afterall, right? pin the tail on the vc?;)

 just a thought. or get something that states you'll be reimbursed for its
value at a later time. or.. lastly, give her a lil one/two page brochureware
site and consider it time well spent for a friend.

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