[thelist] New PC - how2 partition, which Linux, & firewalling.

Oddur Snær Magnússon oddur at gm.is
Thu Sep 28 11:18:35 CDT 2000

I´d recommend Red Hat 7.0 that´s just out, It has support for USB, better
security(which you seem really concernd about) and a newer kernel. Setting
up RedHat 5.2 would be hell for a linux newbie but the 7.0 has great
installation tools, great for beginers.

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Which version of Linux should I install?  Does it make much difference?
(I've no idea really what I'll use it for, yet, but I gather it's more
secure online, so maybe I'll do all my surfing/emailing in Linux).  My
immediate choices (from 2 years of PCPlus cover disks) are:

Mandrake 7.1 (Oct 2000)
Corel Linux  (Feb 2000)
Red Hat 5.2  (May 1999)

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