[thelist] more views: pop-up windows, Rich Media ads

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu Sep 28 08:36:09 CDT 2000

I run a site that uses media rich ads, although no pop up windows.
The ads can be Java, javascript, Enliven (that's java too), or anything.
The code we have on the pages is some javascript that detects browsers and
either show the media rich ad, or show a standard gif, depending on browser
At 5 million ad views per month, it has not stopped us, and from what I'm
told, the number of media rich ads we're showing is growing quite fast
compared to regular types of ads. (I'm not in charge of selling ad space)
There's definitely a demand from advertisers to have media rich ads. Users
don't seem to notice them more than any other type of ads though.

I would however stay away from popup windows. They're annoying, and more
savvy people run little tools that close popup windows on sight!

Take a look at Enliven.com . It's an interesting read. ;-)

BTW, I'm new here, just signed up yesterday. I had planned to lurk for a
while, but decided to answer this question, since I do deal with rich media
ads... ;-)

(and plenty of others)
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> Our sales people appear to have succumbed to the current vogue for rich
> Meida ads (Java, javascript and Flash) as well as pop-up windows.
> I am very firmly of the view that, though we may be able to get more money
> out of our advertisers and (possibly) force users to notice more of the
> in the long run, the practice will merely be viewed as arrogant, tiring
> detrimental to our traffic. As a result, in the longer term, our ad
> will suffer correspondingly.
> Does anyone have any experience or knowledge to share on the subject or
> you point me in the direction of resources (on-line, magazines, books?)
> which will either confirm my suspicions or correct my mis-conceptions.
> nk
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