[thelist] internet cynicism

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 29 09:42:23 CDT 2000


"Every now and then, the world of e-commerce 
produces an idea that makes you want to shake 
your head sagely and sigh in a superior manner 
because you know it won't work. 

"Conversely, every now and then an idea comes 
along that you absolutely, positively know is 
good, but for some reason it doesn't work 
either. Sometimes the marketing geniuses screw 
up fine technological ideas. But sometimes 
technology itself goes awry. 

"Here is a small survey of some bad ideas that 
deserve to die and some good ones that are 
gasping for life."

talks about napter, e-books, shopping, purple 
taxis, interactive TV and broadband... not as 
bile-filled as i feel, but still entertaining...

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