[thelist] JSP?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sun Oct 1 16:28:14 CDT 2000

thanks for the answer Martin, however I do not have that data on the dev
I don't even know what the base platform is, although I suspect it's a Sun
(but I cannot guess on anything else.)

I'll wait for them to get to work on Monday, and I'll ask.

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> At 21:56 01/10/00, Nicole Parrot wrote:
> >Just how stable is JSP? I run a few functions, and if I screw up on the
> >syntax, the server goes down. Since Im east coast, and the server is west
> >coast, that often means I'm out for hours.  Right now, I'm new to JSP
> >(totally new, so my errors are beginner errors) and I'm evaluating the
> >technology.  I'm totally NOT impressed with the server crashing so
> >Is this the way the server's been set up? Or is the technology just not
> >ready yet?
> >I mean, a syntax error should NOT crash a server....
> Sure, but you have a number of variables:
> 1) Your code (you're right - a syntax error shouldn't bring down a
> server)
> 2) The app server/Java version
> 3) The base platform
> Fill us in a bit on points 2 & 3?
> Cheers
> Martin
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