[thelist] pc/ mac and mac/ pc transfer?

Liz Lawson lizlawson at charitycards.co.uk
Wed Oct 4 04:55:51 CDT 2000

(I'm resending 'cos I don't think the first one got past our internal
serve...apologies if the first one did get through...)

>There are 2 problems here:
>1) Media
>2) File-types/extensions

I'd add a quick mention for 8.3 filenames: when you use a mac to read a pc
disk, it will read long filenames as DOS will: all capitals, and anything
longer than 8 letters truncated to 6 letters, a tilde and a number

(bluenight.eps will be BLUENI~1.EPS, bluenightmare will be BLUENI~2.EPS)

If you need to conserve the original filenames in the transfer...you might
be doing websites or something ;)...work with short filenames.

If you don't mind buying some software, the best setup for me has been to
use macopener ( www.dataviz.com ) at the pc end and keep all the disks Mac
format: Macopener has a database of which extensions to give to each file
(you can add or edit this) and assigns the right extension when the pc reads
it: it works for all removeable media including mac format CDs and the pc
can write as well as read mac disks. You can keep the long filenames as


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