[thelist] Macromedia vs. Adobe

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 6 12:57:07 CDT 2000

> From: Erika Meyer <meyer at up.edu>
> With Photoshop 5.5/Imageready, I don't feel such a need to use 
> Fireworks to export gifs.  So if I want to do vector art, I use 
> Illustrator, because I can't seem to import Freehand files into 
> Photoshop.  Unless I run them thru Fireworks first.

let me address this bit, since i prefer FreeHand to Illustrator, and 
use Photoshop...

there is a great deal of synergy between the two applications... in 
fact, if you've seen some of my tips for OT stuff, you'll note that i've 
offered up quite a few on getting FreeHand and Photoshop to work 

you can drag elements from FH to PS... you can paste elements 
from FH to PS... you can import paths from FH to PS... you can 
save FH files as .ai files (illustrator) or .eps and open them in PS...

there should be no need to use FW unless you are working with 
complex elements (gradients, pattern fills) that you can't export to 
AI or other formats...

and in case anyone gives a rat's ass why i prefer FH to AI, there's 
a couple reasons... i started in FH... i tried to switch to AI, but i 
found its interface obtuse -- especially since i don't want a PS 
interface for my vector package... i like to have that cognitive 
dissonance that comes with using FH and PS...

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