[thelist] Macromedia vs. Adobe

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Fri Oct 6 14:20:09 CDT 2000

>you'll note that i've
>offered up quite a few on getting FreeHand and Photoshop to work

jeez, now I feel like a student that didn't do the reading & then 
asked a stupid question in class.

>you can drag elements from FH to PS... you can paste elements
>from FH to PS... you can import paths from FH to PS... you can
>save FH files as .ai files (illustrator) or .eps and open them in PS...

hmm.  copying/pasting, or opening FH files in AI as .eps has not 
worked for me.  I get a big black blob.  I have not tried importing 
paths or saving as .ai, though I've looked for a "save as" option in 
Freehand and did not see .ai or Illustrator among my options.

I'm going to have to check & see... maybe it's the version of FH I 
have?  Weird thing is I thought it had worked for me in the past, but 
then I tried to do this recently and it didn't work... and someone 
(at Kinkos or something) told me that Freehand docs would not open in 

In any case it is good to know that maybe I DON'T need Illustrator or 


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