[thelist] hallo? And a discussion ...

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Wow..  I can already imagine live streaming bootlegs of whatever event or
performance is taking place...

I don't think it'll be used much, I can't imagine wanting to wag my notebook
(or even a PDA) to a sporting event..  It scores points for coolness in my
book, though.

Their website (built in ColdFusion by the way) doesn't say anything about
per-seat connectivity.  What's your source?


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> The American Airlines Center, the new home of the Dallas Stars
> (hockey) and
> Dallas Mavericks (basketball) scheduled to open next October, is
> incorporating broadband connectivity and power to *every one* of
> its 18,000
> seats. Unlike other attempts to bring technology to sporting events, which
> included installing kiosk-like thin clients in the seats, this
> venture will
> supply the access, but the spectator will have to provide the hardware
> (laptop, pda, etc). The arena will also be a concert and special event
> venue.
> My question is (yes, I'm trolling, but its been a slow day on
> thelist and I
> wanted to say something other than "TEST"), Do you think this is doomed?
> Will spectators actually bring in a laptop so they can hook into the 'net
> while watching Mike Modano? Is this just another marketing gimmick, or are
> there viable services that can be built for this environment?
> Services planned to take advantage of the setup include instant
> messaging to
> other seats, viewing (and emailing home) video replays (what about games
> that aren't on tv? --will a fan be able to send home replays from
> the closed
> circuit feed? --How does that affect copyright and reproduction rights?),
> and customizing packages (stats and/or video) for a particular player,
> effectively letting a fan play scout.
> (http://hockey.dallasnews.com/stars/191788_15arena.html)
> Whaddya think?
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