[thelist] changing registrars

Leo Wiedersheim leo_wiedersheim at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 12:41:58 CDT 2000

I have recently changed one of my domains from networksolutions to dotster 

It was surprisingly painless.  It involved printing one of their forms, 
completing it and faxing it back.  When I called on the phone with a couple 
of questions - SURPRISE!  A REAL-LIVE person picked up and answered all of 
my questions with ease.

I was expecting a rash of grief from networksolutions (you know, needing my 
brother's uncle's dead aunt to notarize my cat's high school transcript), 
but instead simply received an email from them notifying me of their 
acceptance of the transfer request (initiated by dotster).

I really couldn't have been more pleased.

Leo (aka, no vested interest in dotster) Wiedersheim

Leo P. Wiedersheim, Jr.
leo at wiedersheim.com

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