[thelist] This ISP has got the idea!!

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Wed Oct 18 11:01:56 CDT 2000

The right idea about what? Being assholes? Screw that! I don't pay people to
give me the Nietzschian sink or swim shit. It's one thing to offer discount
access with no tech support (Is $10 really that cheap? One of our local
telcos runs an ISP that offers a $10 account if you get your long distance
through the telco.), but there's no reason to be abusive about it. I think
that's just completely uncalled for. And warning somebody in advance that
you don't offer support doesn't give you the latitude to be a raging
dickhead in your letter back.

It doesn't seem to me that that kind of business plan is going to get them
rich. Maybe that's not what they're after, and caveat emptor and all that,
but geez...what bunch of horse crap...

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>Too bad it's only in Hawaii... www.flex.com. Check it out even 
>if you're not
>able to use it, I think most of you will like it.
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