[thelist] Site Critique

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 18 13:00:20 CDT 2000

That's what I had to work with from their site.... I didn't post a screen
cap, those were links to the actual site and my revision of it...

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Ron -

I like the colors and the background patter, but it seems there is a lot
of wasted space from the screencap you posted..

also, why is it one huge gif instead of HTML?


Ron White wrote:
> Going for a Network Design Engineer interview on Monday. They currently
> one of their guys do their site on the side, www.sytec1.com. I've offered
> re-work it prior to the interview and they accepted.
> http://gate.net/~ronwhite/SyTec/Default.htm is the work over. I didn't
> a whole lot of material to work with, but any suggestions for tweaking
> be appreciated. I've got some more ideas for the site, but don't can't
> the time at the moment.

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