[thelist] Transferring Freehand Mac files to a PC

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 18 22:51:45 CDT 2000

> From: "Shoshannah Forbes" <xslf at xslf.com>
> I was sent a floppy with a file created with Mac freehand 5.
> I own freehand 8 for PC, and have to Mac experiance.
> How do I open the file with my windows freehand? Windows  (98) does not even
> recognize the formatting of the disk.

- take your floppy and format it on your windows machine... or get 
a DOS-formatted floppy (which i assume you have)... if you are 
running later than MacOS System 7.something, then it can read 
DOS disks...

- take your Mac FreeHand 5 file and add a .fh5 extension to it... be 
prepared to substitute fonts, or convert all text to curves, depending 
on your need...

- copy the file to the DOS floppy and sneaker-net it to the PC...

- open the .fh5 file in FreeHand on your windows machine...

if you do not have a Mac, call the person and have them format a 
disk for DOS on their Mac and send it over that way... or hell, have 
them email it...


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