[thelist] IE5 and IE4

Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 19 00:28:01 CDT 2000

   Simple question ! I have IE5 installed (WinNT4; SP5) and just realised
that we need to check a site using IE4 (and wonders - there are no machines
spare). Further, was told that IE5 does not really do a complete re-install
and leaves a few DLL's behind ( true / false / no idea ?). This was not IE5
installed over IE4, it was a new machine which has NT, then IE5 installed.
Can i just uninstall IE5 and then install IE4 (I desparately want to avoid a
format and re-install of NT) and hope that it will be like an original
version of IE4, or I am just hoping against hope. Would be very grateful for
somebody helping.

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