[thelist] Browser testing on Windows 98 and Linux (Unix)

John Loy jml4n at virginia.edu
Thu Oct 19 08:06:19 CDT 2000

I've recently started work in a webmaster position and want to be as 
thorough with my cross-browser/platform testing as possible but I 
have run into a snag. I work for the University of Virginia and they 
have been kind enough to offer me a Mac to develop on and then a PC 
running Windows 98 and a laptop onto which I have installed Redhat 
Linux. When I arrived, the PC already had Internet Explorer 5 on it 
and Communicator 4.5. I've had no trouble installing legacy versions 
of Netscape and several other popular browsers on the PC, but can't 
seem to install older IEs. Is this because Internet Explorer is so 
tightly integrated with Windows 98? At the last design firm I worked 
for, my boss had a fairly dated PC running Windows 95 with several 
versions of IE. I never bothered to inquire how he set that up or if 
he had any problems. I must admit, I have spent most of my computer 
life in the hand-holding happyland of Macs (yes, that epithet is 
subject to criticism), but have, in the past year and a half, been 
trying to better acquaint myself with other operating systems. So, I 
am still discovering the ins and outs of Windows and Unix. There must 
be a way to have several versions of IE running on Windows 98 at 
once, but it is not obvious to me yet, and the answer, sure as hell, 
is not easy to find on the Microsoft website. Could some kind 
evoltian out there help me out? Also, I was wondering if there are 
any browsers for Unix and Unix clones other than Netscape Navigator 
and Lynx (please forgive my ignorance [soon to be knowledge]).

Thanks so much to all of you in advance,

John Loy, Webmaster
Arts & Sciences
University of Virginia
444 New Cabell Hall

jml4n at virginia.edu
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