[thelist] Transferring Freehand Mac files to a PC

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at Brown.edu
Thu Oct 19 09:10:48 CDT 2000

At 12:56 AM +0200 10/19/00, Shoshannah Forbes wrote:
>I was sent a floppy with a file created with Mac freehand 5.
>I own freehand 8 for PC, and have to Mac experiance.
>How do I open the file with my windows freehand? Windows  (98) does not even
>recognize the formatting of the disk.

You don't have a Mac, do you? If you don't have a Mac, find a friend 
who does. Have them copy the file to a DOS disk, and then you can 
follow everyone else's directions. If you have a Mac, get a blank 
disk, format it to DOS (Special | Erase Disk, choose DOS (NOT 
ProDOS...that's Apple II stuff), and then copy the file from the Mac 
disk to your drive, and then to the newly formatted disk.

I'd just hate to see you reformat the floppy if it's your only copy 
of the file. :)

Last resort -- have the people who sent you the file format a DOS 
disk on their Mac, then copy the file and send you that one.

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