[thelist] IIS help

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu Oct 19 14:14:15 CDT 2000

The docs that come with IIS are excellent. You're also going to get
comfortable (whether you like it or not ;) ) with searching through MS's
MSDN stuff (http://msdn.microsoft.com/)

there's also 

http://iisfaq.com/ --with password protecting articles one click away

You (and/or your sysadmin) will hafta get some working knowledge of NT as
well, since IIS is tied pretty tightly to the OS.

is it NT or Win2K? --the versions of IIS are different (4.0 and 5.0,

You can also fire over to me directly if you get really stuck =)
work: http://www.ti3.com/
non: http://thinksafely.org/

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> I have to move a site to IIS.  I've never had any exposure to this 
> kind of server before.  The sysadmin doesn't know how anything about 
> IIS either.  He can't figure out how to password-protect various 
> directories, for example.  I'm a bit concerned.
> Where do I go to find (or help sysadmin find) the answers to how to 
> set up this kind of server so it is nice and secure and works the way 
> it is supposed to?

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