[thelist] IE4 and IE5

Peter-Paul Koch ppk at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 19 15:34:55 CDT 2000

>I've had no trouble installing legacy versions of Netscape and several
other >popular browsers on the PC, but can't seem to install older IEs. Is
this >because Internet Explorer is so tightly integrated with Windows 98? 

Yep. MS has decided that of course you want only the latest version. You'll
need to reinstall Windows without IE, then install IE4. As far as I know,
it is impossible to uninstall IE5 (though I once saw a link on the Netscape
site 'Uninstall Explorer').

>At the last design firm I worked for, my boss had a fairly dated PC
running >Windows 95 with several versions of IE. I never bothered to
inquire how he set >that up or if he had any problems.

It used to be possible. I'm one of the lucky people who runs IE3, 4 and 5
on one computer. Almost two years ago I downloaded a beta of IE5, which
then had the option 'Keep IE4' and I kept a true, real IE4. I never
downloaded any more Explorers since, so I still have both of them. As to
IE3, install a 16bits version and ignore Windows' moanings during the process.


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