[thelist] PWS - where?

Villano, Paul VillanoP at usachcs.army.mil
Mon Oct 30 08:46:48 CST 2000

It has been a while but when I had Win95 I found the PWS on Microsoft's site
on one of the Service Pack sites, buried deeply and written poorly as if you
had to download the Service Pack to get PWS (you didn't).  However, now I'm
on Win98 and found PWS already on the system under CABS folders.
(You'll find a Setup.exe there.)

Or am I just muddying the waters further?  :)

Into whose accounts are you investing the golden moments of your life? 
- Paul Villano 

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Well, you've got a better sense of direction than me!

I couldn't find it :( 
Could someone please provide a link?

...and will PWS work OK with creaky old Win95?

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