Re [thelist] PWS - where?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at
Mon Oct 30 10:30:08 CST 2000

Hi Faustus,

Could it be that you are "opening" the file in the browser, rather than
"executing" it?

What does your address line read?

If it looks like "c:\MyASPDir\MyASPFile.asp" ... all you are going to see is
"The Time is." because the ASP is not being parsed by the server.

If your address line looks more like
wwwroot_(backslash)_inetpub\MyASPFile.asp" .... and it still isn't working,
then you may have something amiss in your server setup.

[or something kinda sorta like that]

Basically, you just need to remember that while you can 'browse' to find and
view your local html files .... that tactic won't work with server-side
things like ASP.

Hope that was more help than confusion,

Ron L.

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I actually installed the version on my Win95 disc, but even after installing
and correctly configuring my personal web server, it doesn't seem to
'understand' ASP code.

ASP Page). My 'students.asp' file just shows "The time is."

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