[thelist] I Could Really Use A Page Check

Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Tue Oct 31 00:06:12 CST 2000

Hi Patricia, I looked at it w/ NN 3.0 and it basically looks pretty
good.  There is a little bit of a "right-scroll" to it (800 x 600)
caused by, I think, the type not being "constrained" by the css.

Best wishes,

Patricia Meeks wrote:
> I have a tough deadline on this project and thought I'd put up just a few
> representative pages to see how it looks to others. Most every page follows
> this exact format (so loading 150 more pages would be silly). The only links
> I loaded are a few of the local Amkor links in the left navigation panel.
> http://www.whitesalmon.net/pmeeks/pci/amkor/amkor_pq_lqfp.htm
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