[thelist] I Could Really Use A Page Check

Patricia Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Tue Oct 31 16:18:45 CST 2000

Kev....Thanks!!!! You caught those errant tags!

Ack...those solid squares were supposed to be quotes. The text came from
PageMaker and I missed them because they don't stand out in DW and my PC
system shows them all as ordinary quotes. Worse, I don't know how I'm
supposed to mark "quotes" in html; use inch marks or the escape sequences
&147 and &148? I've read the W3C thing over 10 times and don't understand
what they are saying. I wish they'd just say "do quotes this way or that
way." I just redid the qfp and lqfp pages, one each way, and I can't see any


> ask is how you came to do this in your code...
> also provides a "floating" ground plane
> except in the code the quotation marks are like solid squares. ....

Thanks for letting me know about Win Me, but I have no idea how to get rid
of the horizontal scroll. The right tables are all set to 80% and I haven't
used any nowrap tags. It makes me crazy!

> ...   Site looked good to me (IE5.5 on Win Me) apart from the
> slight horizontal scroll, but hey it works for Yahoo!.
> K
> kjs at ratking.co.uk

Again, thanks, Kev... and thanks to everyone on the list who has been
checking my the pages. I'm really learning a lot and everything looks soooo
much better!

Patricia Meeks
pmeeks at msn.com

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