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Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Wed Nov 1 08:38:04 CST 2000

I'm looking for some suggestions on how i can produce a stand-alone
cdRom for the following project:

Last spring I went on a trip abroad with a group of 44 people.  Upon our
return we put our heads together and compiled about 100 total
photographic images, the idea being that each person's best 2 or 3
pictures would make an amazing portfolio of photographic works.  I
command a fairly comprehensive knowledge of html, a little of
javascript, and no programming (PHP, cf, etc.) experience.

My plan is to create an interactive cdRom to facilitate the viewing &
printing of the aforementioned images as well as the viewing of web
based information that has already been implemented on our trip web

[ http://www.bsu.edu/World2000/ if you're interested ]

my main questions are:

1)  is it possible to install IE & NN (or perhaps just one) on a cdRom
such that the user can pop the CD in the computer and run from the cdRom
drive.  my concern is that people won't want to install the software on
their machine and / or compatibility problems of differing versions --
say i make it work for the 2 main versions 4+ of each browser but don't
have the time or expertise to debug *everything*.

2)  the important part of the cdRom is making sure that the images are
printable from mac & pc machines without invoking the use of another
graphic editor -- the files right now are high quality .tiff [cmyk]
images compressed to about 5 meg a piece (i think 200 - 250 dpi & 5" x
7" printed).  will i lose a huge amount of quality saving them as *.jpg
[highest quality] for the interaction with IE & NN (since they don't
display / read .tiff files)?  AND is it feasible to create an html based
*print page* that loads up the selected high quality image on a
printable page (oriented for the simplest of printers) like some of the
road map internet sites are doing these days.

3)  i am not against using programs like flash or director to create the
interaction, however, my knowledge of both and the pro's and con's of
using one of these apps for the intended purpose is limited.  can anyone
suggest a more efficient way of produce this image CD?

thanks in advance!

j a s o n  e . b u r k
jasonb at halstead-architects.com
[ jdog at 020.co.uk ]
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