[thelist] interactive CD

Liz Lawson lizlawson at charitycards.co.uk
Wed Nov 1 09:01:08 CST 2000

>>1)  is it possible to install IE & NN (or perhaps just one) on a cdRom
>such that the user can pop the CD in the computer and run from the cdRom
>drive.  my concern is that people won't want to install the software on
>their machine and / or compatibility problems of differing versions --
>say i make it work for the 2 main versions 4+ of each browser but don't
>have the time or expertise to debug *everything*.

Since you already have an existing site, you might be interested in a
program which takes a website and compiles it into a stand-alone .exe (no
viewers, browsers or installation required.) Obviously, it won't do
server-side processing, but you can use javascript. You can choose whether
to include a browser-style navigation bar or to handle all the navigation
yourself within the pages.

Of course, I can't remember what it was called, but I think it sold itself
as an "html compiler" so searching on that might find you something. It was
probably windows only as well...It was shareware so not too expensive.

HTH a bit!


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