[thelist] domain registration in various countries - ca, uk, fr, de, sg, etc

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Thu Nov 2 14:10:16 CST 2000

At 00:34 3/11/00 +1030, you wrote:

>One of the other countries I'm investigating is New Zealand. Oliver's
>already provided me with the info, so for anyone who's interested:
>  - check and buy at www.domainz.net.nz
>  - NZ$32 setup, and NZ$44 a year.

clarification: the $32 is a one-off account setup (not domain setup) fee, 
so if you own multiple domains you still only pay it once.

our monopoly registrar (domainz) is kind of stupid, but we are in the 
process of moving to a competitive model which will make their idiocy 


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