[thelist] [ASP] Using text links to post forms

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Thu Nov 2 14:28:17 CST 2000

Is there any way of using a text link to simulate the posting of a form.

I have a search facility at a client's asp website, and in some cases, the
search may return more than 10 found items, in which case I want to show the
first 10, then the next 10 on a different page, etc.  I'm using database
paging for this.

Currently I have "next" and "previous" buttons which post the page number I
want to show.  Now, I also have the search criteria posted to this form, so
I found I need to post these at the same time, in hidden values.

I'd like to change it, so that it shows page numbers (like Google, etc)
pointing to the page the user wants to go to directly.  I obviously can't
use "?" since the asp page determining the results of the search uses
request.form, rather than request.form.

Is this possible, or am I living in a dream world...?


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