[thelist] [ASP] Using text links to post forms

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Thu Nov 2 14:57:03 CST 2000


> (I think that's the list, I can't remember (atm) all of the places the
> Request object looks, if someone has it offhand that'd be great and I'll
> memorize it)

	What a coincidence -- just happened to have my ASP 2.0 reference
open, so the info was right at my fingertips. Presumably all is the same
with ASP 3, although I have hardly scratched the surface of the ASP+ docs to
know how radically this might've changed there.

"All variables can be accessed directly by calling Request(variable) without
the collection name. In this case, the Web server searches the collections
in the following order. 


"If a variable with the same name exists in more than one collection, the
Request object returns the first instance that the object encounters. 

"It is strongly recommended that when referring to members of the
ServerVariables collection the full name be used. For example, rather than
Request.(AUTH_USER) use Request.ServerVariables(AUTH_USER)."

James Aylard

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