[thelist] Mac caching problem?

Miraz Jordan miraz at firstbite.co.nz
Fri Nov 3 23:49:15 CST 2000

I've pondered long on who to ask about an annoying problem I have 
when updating my website and after checking the FAQ have decided 
evolt would be a good place.

I use a Mac with OS 9.0.4 to develop pages and then upload them using 
Interarchy ftp software to my server. I often end up making many 
small changes consecutively and reuploading maybe half a dozen times 
before I'm satisfied. So far so good.

The problem comes when I try to check the newly uploaded page - with 
Internet Explorer 5, Netscape Communicator 4.74 and even Wannabe, 
text-only browser, the web browser often fails to show the new 
version of the page. Even Refresh / Reload and Super Reload don't 

Then I open up iCab and that also shows the old version, until I hit 
Reload, then the new version shows. Then I can also go back and 
reload into MIE etc and get the new version of the page.

Naturally I have done things like set the cache to 0Mb, check page 
each time etc. This doesn't help.

I'm on a cable modem with fixed IP address.

I don't know whether the problem lies with my machine, my cable 
connection, my ISP or the server where the site is hosted.

Does this problem afflict others? Any suggestions on how / where to 
begin the troubleshooting?

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