[thelist] cross browser test this site... please...

Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Sun Nov 5 13:05:07 CST 2000

Well, hey Jason, I'm afraid I have to echo the other poster.  The pop-up
is very annoying.  Not sure at all why it is there, it leaves a
dull-grey window behind with nothing on it except "this site is
optimized for 4.0+ browsers - to re-launch site click here. (for msie
browsers)"  The pop-up doesn't even show everything, I can see the top
of some text, but I can't resize it to see what else is there.  and I'm
talking IE5.5 and NN4.7 (win98) and a 15" monitor.  (It totally breaks
in NN3)

Also, grammar.  It took me too long reading this sentence, (basho
bridges leading edge scandinavian innovation with leading edge silicon
valley business practices) to figure out what you were saying.  I
thought you were talking about bridges, and the graphics would support
that.  It may look cool to not have any capitalization but it doesn't
lead to clarity.  To begin with, you don't even know it is a

Also, having the menu "over-rid" the graphics is neat, but I didn't even
"see" "Services" "Context" and "Company" as links, and didn't discover
their "linkness" until Miraz mentioned it.  I think some of the reason,
is "no-underline" obviously, but also because I use the status bar to
surf by - to see were I am going and with the status bar disabled
couldn't use that.  

I'm putting a screen shot up done in IE5.5. 
http://www.westendwebs.com/jasontest.jpg  The font is really smaller in
NN4.7 and I'm afraid it would be unreadable on a MacOS.

Good luck,

Jason Fields wrote:
> Attention Evolt list subscribers...
> This is an open call for people who would be interested in helping me cross
> browser test a site (this includes dhtml, javascript, and css)...
> This is the site in need of help... <http://www.basho.com/ver2/>
> Basically I have built the dhtml foundation and apart from some minor
> graphic changes... I am pretty much done with the site... which brings me to
> asking you all for help... first off its a pro bono project.... so I cant
> really go to a third party testing firm... then next if not even better
> solution... call upon the talented people that subscribe to the evolt
> list...
> I have hit a brick wall... probably because I have been sitting in front of
> my computer for the past month building this site from scratch... now it
> comes time to test it on all the different browsers (4.0+ MacOS/Win98)...
> And... of courses it falls apart on NS (MacOS/Win98) and on IE (Win98)...
> So... since I dont have the bandwidth to $ hire anyone... if any of you want
> to take a peek and help me out... I wont forget you when xmas comes
> around...  Thanks in advance...
> Regards,
> Jason Fields.
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