[thelist] cross browser test this site... please...

Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Sun Nov 5 14:16:05 CST 2000

Jason Fields wrote:
> This is the site in need of help... <http://www.basho.com/ver2/>

MacOS 8.6 netscape 4.7
I am getting a lot of javascript errors. I had to open the frames in new
layers to see them because all navigation elements had been obliterated
on the pop-up.

topnav.html line 104 "obj has no properties"
company.html line 269 "hide is not defined" line 259 "navArea has no
properties" line 220 "obj has no properties" 

<tip type="javascript debugging in Netscape">
type "javascript:" (without the quotes) into the location bar (this is
where you would type in a URL). A popup box will appear with errors.

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