[thelist] SQL Multiple entries in same column?

Adrian Fischer adrian at logo-logic.com
Mon Nov 13 04:02:54 CST 2000

Hi Gang,

Thanks to Morbus and Lisa for the hints on reading the .mail file.  It works
a treat and I even managed to work out how to change the split to each work
to make it do what I wanted. Patience IS a virtue. (should that be a tip?) I
can now update my db by searching against what is found in the mail file.
Great stuff.


Is it possible to store more than one bit of data in a db column.  Sort of
like ..append.  I want to be able to store similar information in the one
column and then be able to read through the column for the correct bit of
info.  Using the Invoice as an example...When a transaction occurs the
invoice number gets stored or appended to the column "rewardInvoice" Not
every transaction effects this column.  I then want to be able to search all
the data in that column for a match.

Can you append to a column?  If so, how would I then get all the data out.
Once out I can use my new found knowledge about splitting and pattern
matching to do what I want.

Oh..and once I've used the bit of data I need to be able to delete it and
write the new data back to the column. I think the removing of the old data
and would be straight forward perl stuff (?).

I think  need a (while) loop(?)

Maybe a graphic will help..

*  Col1   *  Col2      * Invoice    *
* *************************
* a          *       a      *   a,b,c,d,  *
*             *              *    e,f,g      *

How can I get it in there and out again and in again less the used bit of

Very long winded eh...sorry


Adrian Fischer

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