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Before people getover excited...

>>> This is only true for Windows
>>> <tip type='Windows screen res incompatibility'>
>>> MS can't read standards. They 'misread' standard screen res as 96dpi,
>>> not 72dpi, and accordingly ensured that Windows fonts are always too
>>> big (relative to standard). This is why many (designed on Windows) sites
>>> are unreadable on (standards-compliant) Macs.
>> Martin,
>> To what standard are you referring? Will it still be a "standard" to you
>> when your precious Apple starts to license 300dpi display technology for
>> purposes of crisp on-screen text (likely to be very valuable for print
>> designers I'm sure)?
> <quote clipped>
> IMHO, it is quite sensible to regard 72 dpi as default. not 'cause it's
> the mac's default res, but because this is the nearest adaptation of
> (sorry if I get it a little wrong with the naming) the printing's
> default measure: pica (afaik), wich have the size of 72,27 points per
> inch. of course, web-pages have the primary goal to be displayed on
> screens, but still, I kinda like the idea of having this as default
> resolution, wich eases my life as far as *multi*-media is concerned...
> david

The world standard for screen resolution is 72dpi. They all are. The
software created by Microsoft generates a greater resolution, then encodes
it into the file information. This is not bad, as it gives low end users
relatively good quality. Mac users just have that quality for the most part
built in to the hardware, not the software. No matter what screen you view
and capture info (screen grab) you get 72dpi, if it is from within a
Microsoft product it appears different on a Mac because when you paste, it's
size is altered to be true dimensions for 72dpi from 96dpi. If you have
Photoshop or Photopaint you replicate this little process easily. Even if
you have 800dpi Illustrator images on your screen, you are still viewing
72dpi, or 96dpi on Windows. Yes it causes headaches between browsers,
however since few people will change one way or the other it's here to stay.
Of course you can always use PDF as it ignores Microsoft and Apple, and
offers universal viewing... haha, sorry wrong list!

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