[thelist] Paragraphs within lists

Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com
Thu Nov 16 09:44:11 CST 2000

>From a structural point of view, I'd say you can have paragraphs within some
lists and within blockquotes.

Since I believe Martin is planning on using a definition list, then if you have
a "definition" which is several paragraphs long, then you should treat them as
such and use paragraph tags.  The same goes with blockquotes.  I've seen
blockquotes in print that are several paragraphs long, so why can't that be true

(On a side note, I'm not so sure you would have paragraphs in a bulleted list or
an ordered list.)

So, I say go for it.


P.S.  I'm not crazy about Martin's mail client output either, but I dislike mine
even more (Lotus Notes 4).

"aardvark" <roselli at earthlink.net> on 11/16/2000 07:21:00 AM

a <p> is a block level container, just as a <blockquote>... i don't
know about you, but i don't nest <p>s within <blockquote>s, it
doesn't make sense to me to say to the browser "this is a quote,
but it's got normal paragraphs in it"... <p> is quite generic, and to
nest a generic block-level in a more appropriate block level seems
counter-intuitive to me...

the same for lists... by the very nature of lists, you can nest
them... otherwise they'd be pretty useless... so i tend to treat them
as exceptions.. i would put a <ul> in a <blockquote>, for instance,
but not within a <p> since a <p> is generic, but a <blockquote>
implies that list is part of a quote of some sort...

> From: <martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com>
> That's annoying, as the paragraphs within each definition are real, structural
> paragraphs,
> not just presentational ones. I'm trying to get the clients to move in the
> structural HTML direction.
> If you can have sub-lists within list items, why not other block level tags?

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