[thelist] old wired splash, how ?

Elisabeth Heinicke elisabeth at xuxygrafix.com
Sat Nov 25 11:03:54 CST 2000

It would seem to me that if you have a small image that grows with the
size of the open browser, you will lose the image's resolution: an image
expanded to a size larger than itself will become all pixelated and
murky. And to cram a large image into a small area would, while
retaining the clarity of the original image, not be worth the cost in
bandwidth. If you want to be sure your image is always smack in the
center of the window, however (and it seems to me that *might* just be
what you're talking about here): simply place it inside a table nested
inside a container table. The container table should be 100% in height
and width, and contain the nested table in its only <TD align="center"
valign="middle">. Just make sure the nested table is sized in pixels,
not %. HTH.

--Elisabeth Heinicke
  Xuxy Grafix

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