[thelist] HELP ASP gurus -- random numbers is hard

Eric Miller eric at OAKTREE.com
Tue Dec 5 12:46:10 CST 2000

my apologies to all.  I guess I should look at the subject line and notice
"ASP" before I start posting Javascript.  (the principle behind it might
work, but the code sure as hell won't)


mea culpa:

<tip>when multiple people work on a single Flash project, designate one
person to maintain the element library and send out updates when needed so
they can be "opened as library".  saves lots of confusion.</tip>

<tip>In Flash 4 (and maybe 5), using the "Align" palette buttons on multiple
movie clips that contain an EMPTY first frame will cause unpredictable
behavior.  it usually will cause serious problems.  Instead use the Object
Inspector.  this is a bug relayed to me by Macromedia tech support, but
wasn't in the support library.</tip>

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