[thelist] Unusual Behaviour with Rollovers in Go-Live 5.0

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 10 19:20:42 CST 2000

got a URL?

otherwise, compare the code... make sure the images are 
referenced correctly, too... one might be referring to an absolute 
path off your drive, for instance...

> From: "Jeff Basko" <jbasko at pyro.net>
> Last week, I had to make changes to the site... this time, using the Go-Live
> 5 upgrade. Well, the rollovers work fine locally, but do not work once
> published to the site.
> I receive an IE 5 error: "object expected."  The links work, but rollovers
> don't.
> I tried rebuilding the pages from scratch in Go-Live 5.. problem persists.
> If I open the site in Go-Live 4, resave the pages and upload... the
> rollovers work fine, no errors.

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