[thelist] Image ready 3 on mac waaaaay slow?

Annie Rex arex at BaseSix.com
Wed Jan 17 16:05:35 CST 2001

<snip>it makes us feel pretty...<snip>

You smell pretty nice too...

<snip>given what PS was designed to be (a tool for print), vs. what they are
trying to make it (a tool for print *and* web), i think they've done well...
granted, it's taken them a while to get rolling, but PS is a product
designed to a whole lotta stuff... <snip>

My issue is that it doesn't do the web well. Print is a whole other thing...

<snip>even before there was a web, so i've grown quite accustomed to it and
find it to be very robust...<snip>

My PS guru who sits behind me says "Right on, brotha."

<snip>but some of your arguments were more of a qualitative response than a
quantitative one... <snip>

Usually the case with me, just expressing one of many opinions.

<snip> address the fundamental question of the post -- why is IR slow?<snip>

I still haven't heard any satisfactory answers. Mostly testimonials to how
bad it can get. I'm guessing it's b/c Adobe keeps reengineering and adding
to the same product & hasn't started over w/ a new product design in too


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